Don't hesistate to contact us!

We are small family cattery registrated at FIFé since 2016. Our vision is to "save" the original color BEN n24 (brown/black spotted tabby) so we are not producing any other varietes.

Our kittens have nice contrast and rossetes and usually have very nice head profile as their mother Amy. We are giving them to the new families usually after the 14. weeks to be 100% sure that we are giving you the well socialized and strong cat.

Cats can be sold as a pets or in the show quality - show quality is only for breeders with the registered cattery - we are giving only our best cats for the breeding so I can't tell if there will be any in the next litter since they will born.
Pet quality is for people who wants the new family member and friend and the kitten will be neutered or there will be an agreeement about cat castration in the contract. 

We are breeding our cats so you can see both parents at our place if you will visit us. 
We feed cats only with the high quality food - raw meat and grain free dry food which is conserved naturally (Carnilove, Brit Care, N&D, Marp).
Cats live in one household with us and with our two dogs. They are not allowed to go outside our garden to reduce the possibility of the cat diseases, etc. but they can walk on the leash as a dogs 🙂 

Bengal cats are smart and curious so you should think about it before you will bring one into your life. These cats are very contact and social so they need human's attention and love. But they can be great friends and give you the love back.  They want to jump anywhere (wardrobes, shells, doors, etc.) so you should count with that and secure your home to prevent any accidents and to save your property. 

I am in a contact with the new owners of our kittens and I am able to discuss any questions/problems they have in the future. 

I am willing to ship the kitten worldwide, but it takes some risks and sometimes quarantine, etc. so any risk is to the new owner's responsibility.